Creevykeel - More Pics

           Click on the small photos below for a high resolution picture (average size 65Kb).

The front of the cairn from the SE.

The entrance passage to the court.

 High angle view of the court.

 NW end of court with gallery entrance and later kiln.

The gallery entrance.

 The gallery layout from above.

Looking NW through the jamb stones to the back slab.

The gabled back slab and the remaining section of corbelling.

Gallery entrance seen through jambs from rear chamber.

The inner face of the gallery entrance.

Court and entrance passage from above the gallery entrance lintel.

Lateral subsidiary chambers viewed from the NE.

 The surviving stones of the eastern subsidiary chamber. 

 The western subsidiary chamber.

The southern subsidiary chamber from the SW. 

Chamber area of the southern tomb.

The rear limit of the cairn today.

Short run of slabs parallel to original revetment.

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