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Megalithics is brought to you by the Ragged Rascals, (aka Maggie and Keith Davison). We have been keen photographers for many years and are now enjoying the extra opportunities that digital processes have brought to the subject. Maggie takes all of our colour, monochrome, and infrared single frame shots in all formats, Keith does the measurements and takes the shots for our VR panoramas, he also does the scanning and manipulation of all of our images.

One of our other interests is, of course, megalithic monuments, and we have visited many hundreds of sites over the years, our summer holidays are usually a frenzy of "stone spotting" in one of the high density areas of the UK. Now we find ourselves revisiting sites that we thought we would never see again so that we can document them with more web-relevant techniques such as VR panorama. We both have a serious weight problem, equipment that is, if we develop any more kit-hungry techniques we will have to look into the area of pack mules!

We live on Tyneside in the northeast of England, not exactly the megalithic capital of the UK! A consolation is that we are close to a large concentration of prehistoric stone carvings in nearby Northumberland, and we plan to document these on this site………….. eventually.

We hope that you enjoy visiting our website, and if you have any suggestions as to improvements or extra facilities, please let us know.

Contact the Rascals: megalithics@blueyonder.co.uk


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