Fogou - Cornwall

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SW 71333 23946 (GPS 60min)
Visited June 2000

The fogou at Halliggye is probably the most impressive of those surviving today, it was certainly the most extensive one that we visited. There is a big main passage with a two section chamber at the end, this was probably another passage, but the end is blocked off now with modern brickwork. Just before the end of the main passage, there is a low doorway in the lefthand wall leading to a side passage. The first few metres of this passage are very low, but it soon increases in height, it is very long, and curves gradually to the left. Just before the end of this passage is a low sill marking off a roughly square area of the passage with a low portal in the left wall. This portal leads to the final chamber, a narrow, low, tunnel coming to what looks like a natural end wall.
At only 2000 years old, fogous are relatively late constructions compared to the vast majority of the monuments covered by this website, but very little is known of their intended function. A visit to Halliggye will quickly dispel any notions of an underground refuge for livestock, the damp puts the idea of an underground foodstore in doubt, and why such a long curving passage to a relatively small end chamber? The true function of these enigmatic underground constructions has yet to be determined.
If you decide to visit the Halliggye fogou you will certainly need good light sources, and be prepared for some crawling about in the dirt! 

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